For 250 years, Christie’s Auction House has been a brand associated with extraordinary art, unparalleled service, expertise, and global reach. LUXE Christie’s International Real Estate has the unique ability to extend the same expert service to its buyers and sellers of luxury real estate that Christie’s Auction House clients have enjoyed for centuries.

Just as auctions are impeccable ways to sell many of the world’s finest goods – art, automobiles, jewelry, antiques – in the world of luxury real estate, auctions are a smart way to sell distinctive, high-value homes. As multi-million dollar homes are often incomparable and feature unique designs, styles and amenities, selling by auction can be the best method for placing value on it.

Auction properties are marketed to our global audience of high-net-worth buyers who appreciate the finer things in life. We tell the story of the property and give it unique exposure through Christie’s enhanced marketing programs and our auction partners’ channels, leading  to the seller ultimately getting the best possible price because only the most interested and qualified buyers will place bids.

The time-sensitive nature of auctions is also a draw for sellers. Rather than the “list and wait” nature of traditional real estate sales, an auction invokes a scarcity effect. When buyers know that an auction date is approaching, they proceed at a much quicker pace. As the selling agent, we designate a showing date and invite all interest bidders to the property, eliminating the need for multiple showings. Bidders must then secure financing – if needed – prior to the auction date.

Auctions are an outstanding way to determine the market value of multi-million dollar homes that have few comparable dues to their one-of-kind nature. We partner with experienced auction companies to offer this valuable service to clients who are interested in exploring this option for selling their luxury properties. 

Wild Turkey Farm

Wild Turkey Farm

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