Forbes Global Properties

Kendra Ratcliff focuses on luxury residential and commercial real estate in various market sectors, including new construction, redevelopment, historic, eco-friendly farms, ranches, vineyards, and more. As luxury properties are her forte, she has perfected the best methods and acquired the tools to market your high-value property. As an exclusive Forbes Global Properties affiliate, she has a global reach and connections to affluent individuals, which means she will find the right buyer for your high-end property.

$5 million properties represent a niche in the market requiring extra industry knowledge and expertise. Often, $5+ million properties involve more than just the sale of a home. Additional considerations, such as significant acreage, sale of a business, water rights, tax implications, or foreign investments, may come into play during a transaction.

Not only is Kendra a real estate broker, but she also bring construction, business, entrepreneurship, and interior design experience to the table. She understands the nuances of these multi-million dollar properties and expertly navigates her clients through the negotiations to a successful conclusion.

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